Production Services

At Joy Films, we pride ourselves on the high production value of all our production services.

DUBAI is a dynamic international melting pot that attracts massive spectrum of professionals, cast, crew, and artisan. The cross-cultural reality of UAE presents itself in many different ways with the super modern existence next to the cultural and more traditional past. The state-of-the-art and constantly up-to-date equipment will accommodate even the most demanding productions.

The locations are incredibly varied offering directors an amazing selection between Nature, Urban, and Modern architecture that is not equaled anywhere. Dubai can offer scale, texture, and Hollywood-style sound stages. The casting is rich for picking with enthusiastic contenders varying from Europeans, Asians, Latin, and Africans. The dynamic fashion scene in Dubai has ensured the presence of some of the top models around the world.

DUBAI is a tax-free city that allows producers to push the value of the currency and get the best production value available in the area. We can cater to any sort of budget that suits the creative brief and hopefully ensure some fun along the way making sure for repeat visits with our amazing production partners around the world.

— Ali Azarmi
Managing Director

— Mehdi Norowzian
Creative Partner

— Nima Safari
Senior Producer